Thursday, October 20, 2011

Supertramp-Crisis? What Crisis? (1975)

Crime of the century set the bar very high in the career of this great group symphonic in the 70's was his decade-but the only-more demanding. Yet the pressure that they could have taken its toll because of the success and quality of his previous work, not the least affection. The band led by Davies & Hodgon made a continuation with a handful of superb songs. 
Conceived in the midst of global crisis due to sharp increases in oil Supertramp would make a great work he undertook his journey to the peaceful entry "Easy does it" which links to the guitar dynamics "Sister Moonshine", two songs with an evocative sound. The rock-blues "Is not nobody but me" is a big issue that touches the hard instrument, "A Soapbox Opera", a beautiful symphony that displays the compositional qualities of Roger Hodgson, leaves the listener in a sort of hypnotic state. In Ecuador we find disc masterpiece "Another woman's man" with a totally inspired Rick in his piano playing and a great instrumental part and highlight the issue. "Lady" and "Poor Boy", based on rates of coronary keyboard and credited its characteristic stamp. One of my favorites is "Just a normal day", especially the sensitivity that follows the melody and vocal play between the tandem of composers. "The meaning", its more risky song, has great quality with hints of jazz (the always persistent Helliwell fundamental contribution of the wind instruments). The legendary "Two of us", which closes every concert is an admirable epilogue to this recommended album. 
By the end, witty and poignant highlight your home where we can see her resting peacefully saxophonist in a deckchair, umbrella and cocktail included, along with a totally desolate landscape (never a staging will be as everlasting as this one).

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