Friday, June 7, 2013

Rainbow-Rising (1976)

A Ritchie Blackmore, the man in black, one of the geniuses of Deep purple (because in that mythical charanga, which is not an absolute genius owed to steal collejas and snack), perhaps the most famous guitarist of unbearable that rolled balls at the time, was put in in 1975 cataplines get out the map and form their own group, called Rainbow. Among cheers and sighs of the audience, tried to lift the Purple head who was supposed to replace irreplaceable, but everything went smoothly until the mid-80s, joined again around diva of yore and the ship refloated with the great album Perfect strangers. All these factors should contribute to swell more Blackmore's chest, peacock whose tail was no longer fit through the doors. Fortunately for the cosmic order, after his final departure in 90, came and stayed the incredible Steve Morse, proving once and for all that no one is irreplaceable in this world.
But let the parentheses at hand, which in this talk about the Olympian gods is hard not to be cumbersome. Our man reunited with each other, firing and hiring people again and again with the ease of a Burger King. The first singer was none other than He (who thereafter would not leave and the well deserved fame), and he recorded a few albums. Rainbow Rising is the one I like by far, it is a piece of music full of both Dio and Blackmore, accompanied by a rhythm both luxury among which I can not but highlight the impressive Cozy Powell. The album was produced by Martin Birch and is, as usual, amazing, but perhaps was a little less planted than at other times. They are worthy to hear the flanger churretones that gave the battery spectacular chunky Cozy Powell, so explosive, so "touched by hand". What in other producer could have gone down in history as an experiment Excessive or reloaded, it has remained as one more example of their mark, like when Picasso was put in use many blues cataplines. To see who rechista.
The Rainbow rising environment, but also momentous and solemn, it is much more festive, breathable and livable than monastic sobriety Purple ecstatic. Less pain in the ass, if I lovers of all these "metal Ribera del Duero". He always knew, with just sing a couple of syllables, both permeate the air of elegance and seriousness as vital blast of pure sincere, sociable and outgoing. First entroncaba very well with his new "foreman", the second good kick to it made him. Especially when, as is the case, he made himself comfortable continuously and made room for one of their (real good) alone for several minutes. Why go alone piece of this album, as dirty and "easy" for any kid who stand around with your technique within the current heavy, but so inspired, melodic and unique, always with that big sign in every note that reads: "Ole my balls". And ever so long, after hearing one of these verbal diarrheas guitar masters, Dio's voice came again as an oxygen tank, like a St. Bernard in the snow.
The album comes to kill with Tarot woman, who after a long career He can hear now, and with good perspective, as a song of many that has lent his amazing voice and his style can not be imitated, but I I get that once more had to leave one speechless. Produce an injection of optimism and strength able to convince a suicidal not to jump (or well, maybe it is decided during the solo, but if it survives expect a euphoric final stanza yet).
Continue the ride with three great songs: Run with the wolf, Starstruck and Do you close your eyes, all energetic and happy also to a greater or lesser extent. The second one has a certain atmosphere Purple Strange kind type of woman, but in the hands of these songs Dio make Gillan's voice, by inevitable comparison, seems a sort of Gregorian chant and elegantly pale sad. I really like Dio, do not know if I've said already.
Side B arrives and scares one. There goes two eight-minute songs. Not sure you throw yourself off the cliff, but once you decide it takes half a minute to get convinced by Stargazer: a monumental and epic unnerving is undoubtedly one of the first manifestations, if not the first, of something I like to call " Heavy cardboard ". I mean those songs mythical, long, featuring some remote fact real or imagined but always heroic ... and that given the time they were composed film associate the type inevitably Ben Hur, Cleopatra or Spartacus (the movie, not the bullfighter). Stargazer can almost be listening to on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn, enjoying extensive repetitive riffs. This time, only the corresponding massive melts a particularly happy with the other elements of the structure.
And another long song, A light in the black, finally closes with a hard fast pace that if other people had done, would have been pretentious or a bit heavy. But done by those who did, and also in 1976, has left to posterity as a unique and magical work, apart from being one of the most valuable and exemplary germs of heavy metal.