Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Supertramp-Breakfast in America (1979)

A criticism that has always been attributed to this record of being overly commercial and away from the line-progressive symphonic works Great as Crime of the Century (74) or Crisis, What Crisis? (75).
Sometimes when a band does nothing but create masterpieces as rosquilletas, some critics, intolerant of any attempt at renewal, wait lurking to curb the continued good form.
Breakfast in America was a good excuse: some catchy songs (in a good way) and more digestible rhythms could be a perfect target for it. Nevertheless, if we analyze the job would not hurt to ask whether it is usual to make a studio album that can be drawn, at least six singles (sixty percent, in this case).
With bombs caliber "The Logical Song" (clever use of proparoxytone) and the eponymous "Breakfast in America" ​​(great trombone) warns that this is a work that has much to offer. But if we continue to discover great tunes and "Goodbye Stranger", beautiful ballads as "Lord is it mine" (Hodgson) and "Casual Conversations" (Davies).
One of the best songs of Supertramp, in my opinion, is the stunning "Take the long way home", with a moving harmonic inlet and a hypnotic rhythm of the keyboard. A true genius of Roger Hodgson.
But that's not all, if we examine the four remaining songs (which could be defined as less "seductive" before a first hearing), we find the sweetness of 'Oh Darling ", the desperation of" Just another nervous wreck. " Then, too, the emotional expressiveness of his preface "Gone Hollywood" and its fantastic epilogue "Child of vision," make it clear where his progressive side is fully intact because of the improvisation and the extension of the piece.
Beautiful melodies, sounding keyboards and vocal harmonies and lyrical. Commercial and sweetened to some. Others, to enjoy.

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