Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jethro Tull-Crest of a Knave (1987)

With this work, the sizzling Jethro returned to find the right path that had separated slightly mid 80 discs as loose as "A" or "Under Wraps" discs too "electronic" and uninspired. However, and without Peter-John Vetesse (whom I consider guilty and a bad influence musically Anderson) getting both synthesizer, the great Ian Anderson finally managed to become close to classic and traditional sound of the band and produce a handful of great songs, as always superbly accompanied by his faithful squire Martin Barre, who also performs work as always very noticeable on guitars. Surprisingly is appreciated resemblance to Dire Straits on tracks like "Budapest", "Said she was a dancer" or "The Waking Edge" especially in the vocal aspect, as Anderson suffered a throat operation and closely resembles vocal that of Mark Knopfler. This work received a Grammy for best album of Hard Rock-Metal in 1989, I think more in recognition of his long career, which was relaunched and strengthened. In short, it's a very appealing, with that exquisite style as always, mixing elements of Blues, Hard Rock and Folk to create a delicious work.

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