Friday, April 13, 2012

Eloy-Live (1978)

Fantastic double live album official German progressive rock group Eloy. Thetopics covered by disks are as follows: From Inside Inside is included. From The Power And The Passion Of Dawn Mutiny is included there is some mess with titles,including The Sun-Song is actually the theme-Flash Memory, The Dance In DoubtAnd Fear they really are the topics Appearance Of Return Of The Voice and The Voice, and finally Gliding Into Light And Knowledge. From the Ocean includePoseidon's Creation, Incarnation Of The Logos and and the long title theme, Atlantis Agony ... etc. etc.. The interpretation of the issues that is more symphonicrock, everything is covered with mysterious atmospheres, dark, symphonic, and I can imagine that day in the room transported to another galaxy like I was stuck in ascience fiction movie. Some of the interpretations are quite faithful to the originalsbut there are some topics like Atlantis Agony ... Dawn or issues where the instrumental parts are stretched very effectively. One of the basic double live the70's progressive.

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