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Dire Straits-Making Movies (1980)

A guitarist who today is everything in the music world, a myth of rock and roll. His fingers have written one of the most beautiful pages in the field of music of the twentieth century. His style, reposado, cadent, yet intense and always has been able to reach harmonious society all together: From those exceeding half a century to reach youth not thirty. Almost forty years of successful full endorse him, he got it all, and most importantly, has achieved everything he proposed. He has been able to move from the majority who packed stadiums to take refuge in a comfortable ostracism from where he grows his next musical wisdom of old musicians, idols all in their teens (Chet Atkins, JJCale, Everly Brothers, Eric Clapton ...) has just been outstanding to work with the King. Today Mark Knopfler talk means talking about prestige, quality, a something unparalleled, unrepeatable.
After the release of their self-titled album and "Communiqué", the Straits are declared the best band of 1978 in Australia. "Sultans of Swing" is one of the songs radiated and sold worldwide. The band is ecstatic. It has been two years without break. From late 1977 until the end of 1979 more than 300 concerts around the world, promotions on radio and television programs, recordings ... The rest is necessary and advisable.
We had to get our strength to continue climbing one of the most promising and acclaimed rock bands. Dire Straits had spent two years as a group of four friends "starving", if I may use the expression, to be a group with a hearth and an amazing future. Knopfler actually saw made many dreams, the hardest he had done, had his own band r'n'r, and had thousands of fans all over the world. His music had reached all corners of the planet and its recognition was becoming a fact, so much so that Bob Dylan himself Mark Knopfler does claim to be the lead guitarist of his album "Slow train comming", which even escaped Mark's dreams. Your participation is palpable in the nine tracks on the album of Dylan, highlighting moments of the song "Precious Angel" and his own "Slow train comming". But not everything will be joys. The band is not as compact as before, and not so united, and emerge the first disagreement. David Knopfler not take it anymore and left the band. Their motives are official policy concerts conducted, the intense work which were subjected, and the consequent lack of creativity of the band, which according to David, had lost its way, the roots, and was sold.
The unofficial reasons would be a lack of leadership from David in the band, Mark it captures everything, and David has not only made an issue in Dire Straits. David Goliath ate this time 980 will mean gestation of the third album of Dire Straits "Making Movies". For this album are hired to replace Hal Lindes David on rhythm guitar work, and Alan Clark on keyboards. or many, Dire Straits won the Olympian with Brothers In Arms, well, for me Dire Straits Olympus earned my staff with this album, one of the most beautiful and attractive discs that have been made in the history of Rock N Roll . It is said that Mark invited enough people recording the album and concert promotion in ordering the sound engineers that have a moderate level instruments for the public to talk to each other. Mark Knopfler was something of an outsider by temperament humble, unpretentious and its only knew the arrogance converted into a duty to yourself to get better, never put limits, harshly criticized members of his band and criticizing himself. She did not care to say it was the best guitarist in the world, Dire Straits were the actual feeling, he always suspicious of the concept of the rock star as a hero, he would not be a David Bowie or Towshend Pete, is felt more comfortable with his role as a worker of Rock. When you were making this record, told his colleagues he wanted to do things his way, he wanted to do the hard work, that peculiar character caused several band members leave, but I knew I had to. wanted the group together and waterproofed from any external influence, authoritarianism was reflected in the songs.
Making Movies was defined as the album Mark own most sad, blue, and in turn, more ironic the group. These conflicting ideas endowed a number of nuances to the group staggering, Knopfler was made clear that hurtful sensitivity with which could destroy anyone, and it is on this record when Mark evolves, becomes a novelist, a troubadour, intervenes in the scene, he was the Athanor of the songs, I like to use such other to talk about their feelings for storytelling. He discovered that despite not being a great singer, could suggest and express a lot with his voice, and his peculiar way of singing one of the engines of this disc, and hurtful laconic voice that sings, tells stories, as if one Waits, Dylan or Brassens it were, with that peculiar tone of a crooner not hurt Gilda seduces her in a bar one night, and Mark sounds on this album, Dylan he envied the rich amount of worlds could create without being practically a virtuoso, that was what I wanted Mark: create their own worlds, their hopes and desires transform into celestial music, and made it.
Making Movies is the record of undying love or otherwise, of broken love. A message of gloom and despair, the modernization of Latin Horacio topic of Carpe Diem: enjoy the splendor of things, do not lose the love of your life, there are mistakes that hinder corrected despite a lifetime and affect your performance ratio, Mark urges you not to happen. In an interview, said he was very shy, linking not ever, and that a girl he liked, and knew he could not be with her because she was worthless to say anything, he imagined, when he slept, a world devised by him in which he said that girl did want to be with him, imagining a happy life with her, replacing her real world without hope, for a fictional world where he triumphed, narrative element to add to the songs of this paper. Because obviously, it emerges the first song on the album that is nothing more and nothing less than Tunnel Of Love one can not but marvel. may be the best composition of Mark and one of the Pharaohs and Babylonian songs of rock history, eight minutes full of evocative instrumental passages, rhythm changes, catchy melodies and agile and Mark's voice envelops you, away a winter cold and covers you with a blanket that the echo of his voice makes every sentence. The song is very catchy and easy to hear, but with much irony, Dire Straits issues at first glance seem not say much, but those are the good ones, leading to the exploration and interpretation of the songs, there are silences that often say more than a word, Mark knows that better than anyone. So Tunnel Of Love is a song that tells the phases of love, this time focusing on the passions and the obsession with that cloud vision to humans, the known phases you desire love and passion come together to then appear the regrets of those who have done something wrong. There is a moment of the song that is just great, when instruments are silenced and only appears on the scene Mark, his voice and his guitar, flooding a song of melancholy already hurtful. The monstrous moment of the song comes at the end when Mark trealiza sidereal cosmic-tap which looks set slowly pulling the pins that fill your heart, it's as if everything that had silent throughout his life, take him out in that one, then a keypad appears beautiful with emotional melody that makes you want to hear a thousand times and incontestable closes the issue.
Romeo And Juliet The next we know it all, many magazines agree that it is probably the most beautiful ballad in history, the most beautiful I do not know, but it is impossible not to be captivated by the fragility and innocence of Romeo And Juliet, because it was born to illuminate hearts or turn them off. A music journalist said that this song you can tell what a person is wanting, solemn bullshit, but may not go off track. Mark plucking is ethereal and sweet, it's amazing what this man can do with his thumb, how can trace, like an oil paint with a fine brush, the outlines of a broken heart, because this song, despite being coated of an outstanding beauty, is another manifestation of the gentle irony of Mark, with a sensational letter: smart, honest and without boasting dramatic of any kind, just a feeling that arises and dwells in your soul to stay and not return.
The lyrics are great, but the video of the song has been a success, I can not help a smile when Mark is heart issues ironically, with the idealized Romeo, handsome and with the marked packet, confident same, symbolizing the arrogance and selfishness of many of us do when we are in a gala relationship. Juliet is represented by a tearful woman, who suffers and feels helpless, sees his Romeo and farther than ever is heartbroken. The example of what I said before: reading the letters of the group and watching your videos, you'll notice the ambiguity of the group often.
Skateaway progresses slowly with a mysterious keyboard intro, the riffs are heard Mark distant, as if he stopped for a moment the spotlight on drums, the bass and keyboard. Mark sounds here less gloomy, with a slight, very slight voice distortion, with a much more catchy chorus without double interpretations or anything like that, a song more direct, to reduce the emotional charge of the first two. Expresso Love is one of the great themes of the album and discography of the Straits, with that sticky keyboard melody and catchy riff that sticks to dry, simple and Mark prevailing throughout the song, making it an experience for crystalline ears.
Hand To Hand After we reached another major plastic compositions, Solid Rock is great, where Mark and the band leave their characteristic British phlegm and parsimony to download a powerful electrical issue, of those who are born to fill stadiums, with a stellar battery performance. And is that even though the Dire Straits Mark Knopfler are mostly, the talent behind the leading musicians are especially good, know their secondary role and accept it without question and without any pretensions. The air Rockabilly theme is important, with again the presence of the keyboard and its sheer melody and playful forms a classic and training.
Les Boys brings you back to Mark quiet and melancholy, catalyst of emotions with his voice, and here ends the disc for my taste most intimate of Dire Straits, which was a new shift in how to address the compositions and where the romantic plot is very important, as you may have read, is not a new issue and the debt issues of the heart, but perhaps are the most painful. Yes, that is the love and put Romeo And Juliet, you'll feel like floating. I love, a beautiful and sweet disc,

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