Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fleetwood Mac-Rumours (1977)

One of the disks (if not the) top-sellers of all time by a rock band (along with "The Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd), "Rumours" by Fleetwood Mac The work takes all the credit , not only for its quality but also for the miraculous conception and that was because it was conceived launch amid countless marital problems and addictions among the members of the band, which gave him a particular theme and intention to songs.

Fleetwood Mac is a British band in the beginning, but over the years changed formations often today to be a joint British / American. Members who always remained were precisely those that make up the name of the band: drummer and percussionist Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie to which were added after the wife of the latter composer, keyboardist and singer Christine Perfect ( McVie). From 1971-1975 the band traverse times of crisis artistic level was clearly needed a change of 360 º. So in full pursuit of sound engineer and after listening to the album the duo Buckingham / Nicks 1974, Mick Fleetwood offers the guitarist and songwriter Lindsey Buckingham joined the band as a guitarist just looking. Lindsey agrees but on the condition of entering the training with your partner then the singer-songwriter Stephanie "Stevie" Nicks. Marriage would make a monthly payment and a soft country pop stylized and especially the important work of composition and polishing of Buckingham contributed songs, and of course all the angel voice and histrionic Stevie debauchery. This can be seen with the namesake of the new line of 1975 "Fleetwood Mac". Hits like "Rhiannon," "Say You Love Me" and "Over My Head" attest to this.

For when they began the recording sessions of "Rumours", at the Record Plant in Sausalito, marriages Nicks / Buckingham and McVie / Perfect (Christine McVie) were in the process of divorce, as well as Mick Fleetwood of his wife Jenny .
Very nevertheless with "Rumours" compositional confirm the great moment, and especially the mood factor influencing both the same. It was recorded in 1976 at various studios in Miami, Los Angeles and Hollywood producers and as Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut. Would go on sale in February 1977.
In letters and climates of the songs are reflected the ongoing tension of the recording sessions. These experiences give him a climax like no one had been able to capture, then to the overwhelming success of the placa.Y hence also the name "Rumours" because in their full conception never stopped "rumored" dissolution ... Fortunately, as in many other cases, imposing finished art.
Buckingham say about it: "If you look at the huge success it enjoyed" Rumours ", I think the impact goes beyond the purely musical. Expressed Something with music: human interaction, and that a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. could be felt in the talks that were given to members of the group who tried things that were happening at that time. "

Musically Fleetwood Mac does not lose its mark bluesy / rock has always provided by McVie and Mick, but this time you inject a stylized pop, with influences of country music also from the hand of Nicks and Buckingham. The latter of untiring perseverance squeeze every topic from production. Another item to mention is the delicious vocal harmonies that achieved the treble voice McVie / Buckingham / Nicks. Their voices intertwined and exquisitely congenial.

"Second Hands News" promises with his charisma pop / rock and folk influences of the Scots and Irish, with a base made of a particularly rhythmic snare (box) and a chair and electric guitar part accompanied vocally, giving it a market share more pop.
Then looks a great success "Dreams" Nicks. Stevie gala in here all the angel of his voice and vocal trio perhaps McVie / Buckingham / Nicks achieves the best harmonies. A theme that shows how well managed Buckingham Nicks topics.
The acoustic "Never Going Back Again" a brief song about a new relationship began to have Buckingham. A positive outlook for the future.

More positive feelings in the future with "Don` t Stop "a dealer shuffle Christine. The serious issue which accompanied the election campaign of Bill Clinton years later. "Go Your Own Way" the big hit of the album as opposed to "Do not Stop" or "Dreams" was not encouraging. Lindsey was basically telling Stevie, Go Now. Something that makes essentially the song is the acoustic guitar accompaniment, which is almost imperceptible but special attention was peculiar thing is that this support provides a cohesive counterpoint between the voices. Of course the chorus is very catchy three voices are brilliant again. The rhythm section of Mick and John is inimitable, the latter's bass is outstanding. A genius of Buckingham would not have been possible without all Fleetwood providing his own.

Christine brings intimacy with the beautiful "Songbird". It was decided that the issue would be recorded live in a concert hall, for its acoustics. In principle would be recorded at the Berkeley Community Theater, where she recorded the great Joni ever Mithchell but was busy. Finally was recorded in Zellerbach Auditorium. Christine would say the same about "Songbird": "... I think that is all and none.'s Like a little song and should be for everyone. Would say it's almost like a little prayer.".
Accredited with authorship of all members of the band "The Chain" boasts a discussion-perfect musical partner. Recorded bass, drums and guitar live, the rest being studied. The issue has long existed for only a fragment unforgettable bass John McVie. Buckingham compose just wanted to finish, but could not close it. Stevie Nicks era material provided Buckingham / Nicks to finish.
"Silver Springs" Stevie Nicks is an issue in the original LP was not included because it is so extensive. Dedicated to Lindsey begins to plan very soft acoustic rock ending too. Topic bellisimo best of the compositions of Nicks. Instead they released "I Don` t Want to Know "very interesting topic where the couple takes the lead vocal duo in the style" Everly Brothers ".

Another great riff Christine is "You Make Loving Fun". Contains a glory and colorful chorus of voices is manifested at its best. She talks about her boyfriend of the time it was the illuminator of the band, which for obvious reasons, was persona non grata in the recording sessions.
"Oh Daddy" is a song for Mick Fleetwood Christine who was then the only member with children. The sample consisted of admiration as the band member with any adversity that always stood firm and served (serves) cohesion and example to all. No wonder Mick exploited to include various percussion instruments, such as castanets. It is also good to note that John McVie includes guitar improvisations.

Closes the eccentric disk "Gold Dust Woman" Nicks. a dark theme, you could say it's like black magic. Represents everything that she was at that moment, a being like a lovely angel, but also full of pain. The theme speaks of drugs, particularly cocaine but with a hint of hope. Stevie would, among other things: "I've never been so tired in my life at that time ... To be in Fleetwood Mac was like being in the army, had to deliver everyday the best, be as strut possible. Although there was nothing to do, you had to be there. "Gold Dust Woman" was my writing about someone who is going through a marriage crisis and takes a lot of drugs. Someone trying to survive and get ahead. ". The structure Stevie topics as "Gold Dust Woman" allowed restless soul musicians such as Buckingham participate more freely. Lindsey joined him several instruments including: harpsichord, dobro and a Fender Rhodes and also a track with a rare howls.

The drug is very influential factor in the composition of "Rumours". It was a time that the swirl of drugs threatened to take each of the members. We must accept also the context in which they lived: "The music world had something expansive, and drugs had special significance. Then it was an obligation. Less common today" and described him Buckingham. John McVie bring about his vision: "At that time we did not feel that we were doing something wrong. All we felt part of our lifestyle. Looking back, it was stupid ... then it was just like that."

With regard to sound and music production, is accurate to say that one of the disks that worked most closely, is the height of the "Songs In The Key of Life" by Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan jobs . Keep in mind that at that time there was no CD, and especially producers and Buckingham had noticed that the last process of the tapes, there was a slight rubbing it to lose the treble especially battery such as dishes and all higher frequencies. Luckily they had a backup battery that sounded much better than the latter. So he took the trouble to synchronize all the tracks of the other instruments to this copy of the battery. The great thing is that as there was no SMPTE (serving for two tapes synchronously) had to do it manually with a VSO is a device that regulates the speed of the belts. A painstaking task, especially for producer Ken Caillat it took about 14 hours to synchronize all parts fresh battery.

An unforgettable album, a great commercial success, with over forty million copies sold worldwide. It remained at the top of the Billboard 200 for 31 non-consecutive weeks. A few months after its release and went platinum in Britain and the United States. In 2012 "Rumours" is the fourteenth biggest selling album in history in the UK and the sixth largest in the United States. It is worth mentioning that the famous TV series "Glee" has been influenced by an episode called "Rumours" 'where are some songs on the album, is good value it because it helps new generations know the great music of Fleetwood Mac