Thursday, April 10, 2014

Renaissance-Scheherazade and other stories (1975)

This concept album is part of the glory of Renaissance stage , ( and partly unknown to new generations addicted to progressive rock ) and is truly extraordinary from start to finish . The dumbbell who managed John TOUT (keyboards, vocals), Annie Haslam (lead vocals ), Jon CAMP (bass, pedals, vocals), Terrence Sullivan (drums , percussion, vocals) and Michael DUNFORD (acoustic guitar , vocals), managed to this one of those that are unique and essential discs, valued for their fabulous design and implementation . Instead of using electric guitar or electric keyboard , this work goes down the more symphonic side and also with the participation of the London Symphony Orchestra , giving much originality and great instrumentation. There are very good orchestral arrangements that are perfectly matched with the smooth voice of Annie Haslam feature in fact goes far beyond the common progressive rock , standing even among the albums of the 70's that were the golden age of the genre.
An album where you can hear tales beautifully told Scheherezade King Shahriar , supposedly compiled by the Arab writer Abu abd -Allah Muhammed el- Gahshigar became the Western tradition in the early eighteenth century , with all her adulteries and murders properly filtered by European translators .
Definitely an album of delicate melodies , tender arrangements, perfect voices, harmonious music and amazing ... a legend epic prog rock .