Monday, October 10, 2011

Elvis Presley-Elvis Presley (1956)

It was the first great album of Elvis, and the first work for RCA, he never edit lps with Sun Records, although five of the songs included here belong to the Memphis label, the disc is essential to place the rock'n'roll as a future basis of the so-called music of the twentieth century, besides himself confirmed as a legend Elvis world, that white sang like a black.
The album is a perfect balance of music between the two styles, the technique of whites and blacks in the spirit of the Blue Suede shoes rockabilly, rock-gospel of Tutti Frutti, rhythm blues I got a woman or ballads I'm counting on country as you make him unquestionably the king of rock in the following decades.

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  1. this album is fantastic, especially Tutti Frutti, i love it.