Friday, August 12, 2011

Yes-Close to the Edge (1972)

Yes until this record had made ​​several albums of quality, especially Fragile, but in this particular jar uncovered the essence for this album and did not have Bill Bruford, who immigrated to the King Crimson, but recruited the former battery the Plastic Ono Band, Alan White, the album which was released at the end of 72 contained pieces like and you and I, The preacher, Solid time of the change, or Seasons of man, mystical rock songs but vigorous, sweetened by the voice of Jon Anderson a full-fledged, and a dense instrumental cascade of sounds produced by the guitars of Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman's keyboards which together with the stunning rhythm section made ​​up of Chris Squire and Alan White formed a surreal music, including album cover work of the illustrator Roger Dean hinted at the magnitude of this disc.

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