Monday, August 15, 2011

Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

Although the vast majority of rock fans, this album is essentially the disk where is Stairway to heaven, is no less true that we have a truly extraordinary album where the folk of The Battle of Evermore, rock'n'roll of same title or Four sticks chained rage, mixed with grandiose themes like Black and the aforementioned dog Stairway to heaven, acoustic half time with a truly final apotheosis
This album reached the top at U.S. and British lists, highlighting the primacy of the band in the early seventies, is still considered a mythical album reissues and constant as confirmed, since the overwhelming and crushing rhythms John Bohman, to the endless collection of sounds that Jimmy Page produced with the guitars not to mention the incomparable voice of Robert Plant, and the rhythmic base of no less than John Paul Jones, this is definitely an album 10

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