Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pink Floyd-The Dark Side of The Moon (1973)

Originally they were a psychedelic group, fundamental was the influence of lead guitarist Syd Barrett, would turn from their third album in a symphonic rock band, although experimental approach to rock and blues but comnotaciones the very beginning (in fact his name comes from two large long bluesman Pink Anderson and Floyd Council), this album that concerns us all records Batio possible and more ... the best selling in history, which was more time in lists, the most recording time (one entire year), and the world tour has been most impressive ever seen (14 months for 54 countries), in addition has several more records, the first album recorded in cuadraphonic edition and be the artifice of having won the following awards, best album, best production, best cover, best single (Money), and four members appointed best in their instruments .... the album itself is full of sound effects and conceptual songs on the theme of a man doomed to madness, from the first item up Eclipse Speak to me, finally, the album runs a fascinating adventure of sonic and instrumental trusses today are not explained yet many musicians, engineers and producers to the technical result of the time, to outline the important apostacion engineer-producer Alan Parsons present in the album's recording sessions, David Gilmour, Rogers Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright passed down to posterity with this album.

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