Monday, February 8, 2016

Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers (1984)

Undoubtedly the formation of Deep Purple called Mark II is the most successful and classic group that is formed by Gillan, Backmore, Glover, Paice and Lord. (I say successful and classic, not to be the best, because Coverdale and Hughes also gave great moments to the group at the time.) The Mark II was the cradores parts so fundamental in the discography of the group as In Rock and Machine Head. The success and exhausting tours put paid to the friendship of Blackmore and Gillan and the latter left the group in 1973.
In the following years some of them remained in Purple a time, then came Rainbow, Whitesnake, Gary Moore Band, production records and solo albums. We had to wait until 1984 so that the mythical formation Purple back together to offer a new album. Of course the news was a bombshell and a great joy for the world of rock and heavy metal, even if the disc would be something different for the public to expect issues like Smoke on the Water and Highway Star.
Obviously all the influences of the groups in which musicians Purple had fought were felt somehow apart from that we were in the middle of the 80s, very different in all those distant early 70s.
However, the Deep Purple billed one of the best albums of his career and showed that they still had much to say. A more elegant, leisurely and even dark disk would say for what was the sound Purple. Hard wonderful themes of classic and melodic rock musicians in grace, as always.
The album opens with a whiplash called Knocking at you back door, where we see a Jon Lord in great shape and great Blackmore, I say that this will be the trend of the entire disk. The video also is a small marvel of aesthetic Mad Max where archaeologists of the future are the old instruments of the band.
Under the Gun perfectly continuous the proposal of the first theme, Nobody's Home is one of the best on the disc, more direct and vacilona with intro Synthes very 80's, more like Don Airey (current keyboardist for the band!) And that vacilón pace groovie and Paice with cowbell incl. The Lord only returns to academic as far as execution of Hammond organ is concerned.
Perfect Strangers the song that gives title track, great title loaded with double meanings, is wonderful, with that classic keyboard intro, warm Gillan's voice and some echoes of Led Zep, the lyrics are great too and these phrases Oriental Blackmore found as well, all with the perfect bass / drums of some teachers called Glover and Paice rhythm. Epic!
The pace of A Gypsy's Kiss 100% Blackmore and Gillan enjoying the song and that fantastic butt with those stops just neoclassical house brand that had such an influence at the coming European heavy or power metal.
Wasted Sunsets is a wonderful ballad, the kind that can give us only Blackmore, with riffs that will make you mourn. A subject for even more class this record. Essential.
Running out of disk another issue with neoclassical taste, very Rainbow, as Hungry Daze with references in the letter to the past: "In a dark and sweaty room in 69 tables turning ... We all came out to Montreux but that's another song , You've Heard it all before ... "and the last Responsible Not very modern structure, ahead of its time I would say, great song with a lot of groove.
Great album of return of Deep Purple in the 80, elegant and sober as the album cover, another wonder, were left behind wildest years, but nothing lacking quality and inspiration for this masterpiece of hard rock.

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