Monday, June 22, 2015

J.Geils Band-Live Full House (1972)

This led Peter Wolf on vocals and guitar J.Geils band was a real steamroller of rock'n'roll, soul and a lot of rhythm & blues. The truth is that to begin to taste this excellent band material, I can not think of anything else to start this direct published in the year 72. Previously, they had already released two albums that seem formidable me as essential and this recording was not more than the culmination of a perfect trilogy.
But what we were, which is nothing but this live recording at the Cinderella Ballroom in Detroit on April 72, consisting of only 8 songs, but enough to get into orbit from the first second. It is true that the recording can cross a somewhat shorter in duration, when at that time the band offered their fans directly twice typical fall of ass. But, what the hell !, this work sounds like a runaway locomotive without brakes. All exercise of power, passion and joined the unlimited talent musicians energy off his hat. There is little of their own as they only include tremebundo "Hard driving man", but versions that are marked "First I look at the purse" Smokey Robinson, "Homework" Otis Rush or immeasurable "Serves you right to suffer "by John Lee Hooker, to give some examples, are powerful tools to put this live on an altar reasons. And to show a button relative to the strength and intensity that emanated from these guys live with "Looking for a love" ... overwhelming!


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