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Supertramp-Crime of the Century (1974)

Supertramp formed in 1969 based on the talents of two great musicians Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, supported by the Dutch millionaire Stanley August Miesegaes. In 1972 after the commercial failure of the first two albums and followed the abandonment of most of its members and the sponsor of the group, which looked like the end of the dream Supertramp, Davies and Hodgson pressed to meet the commitments of the contract with A & M Records , the group reassembled with new musicians and making classical quintet that lasted until 1982. 
Under financial pressures and contract record "Crime Of The Century", his third album and mythical absolute masterpiece that marked the beginning of the creative era of the band with his unique sound influenced by Davies and Hodgson, fusing styles Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, and orchestral sounds. This album marked the resurrection of the group and placed in major league music. The album was produced by the band with Ken Scott, known for his work with The Beatles, Procol Harum, Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd and David Bowie and recorded in the famous studies of Trident and Ramport latter owned by The Who . The album eventually rivaled in sales with The Dark Side and The Moody Blues. 
The album was recorded in various studios including Ramport Studios, owned by The Who, Trident Studios and Scorpio Sound (London); between February and June 1974 Many of the songs had previously been included in group shows such as "School", "Bloody Well Right", "Rudy" and the album's title track. Almost the entire album contained in the 1980 live album "Paris", although the orchestration of the songs on the original album were replaced by synthesizers played by John Helliwell with the help of Roger Hodgson. 
"Crime of the Century" marked the first Supertramp album to enter the top forty positions in the American charts. Following the release of "Even in the Quietest Moments" in 1977, "Crime of the Century" was certified gold by the RIAA. 
The album would be remastered and reissued on June 11, 2002 by A & M Records.

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