Tuesday, May 1, 2012

U.K.-Night After Night-Live (1979)

UK ephemeral was a progressive rock band, which for various reasons they left halfway, and I can influence not duly appreciated, although attending three fantastic albums, two studio and one live
The origin of Bill Bruford (former Yes, King Crimson, and he finished touring with Genesis), John Wetton (ex-King Crimson) and Rick Wakeman (ex-Yes), which also began to resume his solo work .. . 'm even the possibility that Robert Fripp himself was interested in this project, which completely waste almost immediately. This formation came to rehearse a few months until the abandonment of Wakeman, and there are the violinist and keyboardist Eddie Jobson (Frank Zappa) and Allan Hollsworth, famed guitarist in sound "Canterbury" group Soft Machine, Gong and Tempest.
The first was called "UK" (1978) and is a good summary of symphonic rock with jazzy idea of Bruford and Hollsworth, that just leave the band after that album ...
This makes clear that the prevailing trend of more direct and rocking Jobson and Wetton, which resulted in "Danger Money" (1979), and with Terry Bozzio (also ex-Zappa) on drums, and no guitarist to impersonate Hollsworth. In a good balance in the topics "Caesar's Palace Blues" and "Nothing To Lose" especially, it is anticipated that more direct wave would Wetton in Asia, although not so commercial yet ...
It records the trio live here at hand "Night After Night" where are "In The Dead Of Night", "Alaska" and "Time To Kill" from his first album with the new format, a release that gives title track, and very good versions of songs from "Danger Money", especially "Rendezvous 6-02", creating an overwhelming and very progressive direct.
The added difficulty was resolved to move to live in a trio format a disc on topics under study quartet which contained lots of overdubs and effects with a very impressive
In 1999 and 2007 live albums out of the first training-with-Hollsworth Bruford and that repair is a big hole and better rounded story

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