Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rush-Rush (1974)

Rush's debut album released in 1974, with a cover which has remained as one of the classic images associated with the band despite its simplicity.
In this first album had not yet built even Neil Peart on drums logically nor its enigmaticand magical letters.
And it shows that it was the missing piece as it is an album with a sound basic and simple, with a rock that does not include any keyboard, especially loud voice and a clear influence of the music of Led Zeppelin as "What you're doing "and then some.
Yet we leave a couple of songs as classics of their repertoire, in fact still playing themlive and "Finding My Way", "In The Mood" and "Working Man".
Personally I like is "Here again" with a stunning Alex Lifeson on guitar.
Very good album, but it's debut and this has only just begun, but eventually would become a classic of rock.

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