Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Frank Zappa-Guitar Vol.1 & Vol. 2 (1988)

This double album released in 1988 and nominated for the Grammy for best instrumental album, has the distinction of being nothing more and nothing less than a long compilation of live guitar solos. Independent of the original issues, edited in such a way that look-and-pieces are musical in its own right. Or rather, an almost endless piece of music that starts at the first groove of the first album and ends at the last second, because the solos are engaged and produced enough to force some sort of unity. There are no breaks. There, almost abruptly at the turn of a "theme" to the other. And yet it works, among other things because of the music of Zappa, who improvises as other components. Is a guitarist exemplary virtuous without exhibitionism, never losing idiosyncratic communication skills: their sentences are thoughts, compulsive movements. Many people have to hate this album, with that passion pop and punk (those brothers) have inculcated and ultimately make a stupid prejudice toward long jams and more or less complex (meaning "complex" rather than using more three major chords ...). Too bad, their loss. This album is, after all, true jazz, true art, true chamber music, real music. To think and write and work, or just listen. Accompanying emotional and never bored. Moreover, as is usual Zappa, the titles are quite funny, such as the sensual and delicate blues that opens the album is titled "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace"
In addition Zappa album as usual he surrounds himself with very great musicians like Steve Vai, Vinnie Colaiuta, Chad Wakerman and Peter Wolf among others.

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