Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pink Floyd-Meddle (1971)

Meddle is the seventh album by the British band Pink Floyd, released in 1971. This album marks a change from their previous albums (which were the dominant genera and symphonic psychedelic rock) and predominantly progressive rock, be the basis for their next jobs.
Recorded during the tour of Atom Heart Mother, reflects the desire to find a new sound, the need for radical change. "One of These Days" (the opening temade) is an instrumental song that has bass and a guitar with high distortion. During the event, listening to Nick Mason, unamplificador through guitar effects pedal with, say, One of these days, I'm going to cut you Into little pieces (One of these days, I'll cut you in bits). Originally the issue was more long and was shortened.
In this issue we add the gentle "A Pillow Of Winds" and "Fearless", which can be heard towards the end, recordings of the tribunes of the Liverpool football team, singing You'll Never Walk Alone, anthem.
Continue with the elegant "San Tropez" and "Seamus" (a blues in which you hear the howling of the dog of the same name), this issue was previously called Mademoiselle Nobs, and that name is called the version they recorded for the show Pompeii.
It culminates with "Echoes" vast subject, resulting from the combination of 36 separate fragments, which were being reinterpreted and edited to form the final piece is now known. Among the previous names were: "Nothing: One To Thirty Six Parts," "We Won The Double" and "Return Of The Son Of Nothing".
The album was recorded between January and August 1971 in the studios, Abbey Road, Air Studios and Morgan Sound Studios. The ringing sound engineers were Peter Bown, John Leckie, (Abbey Road and Air Studios) and Rob Black and Roger Quested (Morgan Studios). The reason for these changes resulted from studies that Pink Floyd used to this record 16-channel technology, which was in the Abbey Road. The mixture of the disc was completed in September, the month during which they also completed a quad mix, which is not edited.
The album was released on October 30, 1971 in the United States through the Harvest / Capitol, and on November 5 in the UK through the Harvest / EMI. It peaked at # 3 on the UK list. He was awarded gold in 1973 and double platinum in 1994. A remastered edition was released by MFSL in 1984 on high quality vinyl and cassette. In 1992 he released a digitally remastered version on CD, as part of box set Shine On, was released off the set Shine On in 1994 in Europe, and in 1995 in the United States.

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