Saturday, December 3, 2011

Great Legends: Grand Funk Railroad (1969-To the present)

If we were to talk about one of the pioneers of hard rock bands, would certainly be Grand Funk Railroad. In the '70s was his decade, playing in all scenarios seen and seeing, and making a sale that would reach 25 million copies.
In 1969 Terry Knight, would be its principal member, but he chose to become a manager, leaving the instruments to Mark Farner (vocals, guitar), Don Brewer (vocals, drums) and Mel Schacher (bass).
The name comes from a railway line from Michigan Grand Trunk Western Railroad. In the Atlanta Pop Festival festival, achieved a resounding success, with this setting would get Capitol Records to them. This would record his first album Grand Funk, or popularly as the red album.
This would be in 1970, and in 1971 would break the attendance record achieved by the Beatles filling Shea Stadium in 71 hours. Despite having all the critics and the media against Grand Funk Railroad, his early albums were a success.
There is a legend which says that Knight's manager, had to pay about $ 100,000 to New York Times Square (famous group list) to promote Closer to home. The album went multi-platinum, but the criticism is cebaría with them, branding as a total failure.

In 1972, Knight fired his manager, with the result of a judicial campaign for breach of contract. That same year, opened in the heart of the new group.Incorporated into a fourth member Craig Frost on keyboards, and because they filed the lawsuit Knight, had to cut the name to Grand Funk, with the result that would change his musical style, apart from his rock side to side, giving way to the pop sounds. So All the girls arrived in the world beware!, Rescued shortly after its original name but its credibility as a group, was rapidly fading. In 1976, produced by Frank Zappa Good sigin would print ', good playin', but only resulted in the disintegration of the band. Mark Farner start a solo career, while other members of the group, would make a band called Flint.

Grand Funk Railroad would join in 1980, but without the presence of Frost, or Schacher, this being replaced by Dennis Bellinger. Would print two albums for Full Moon, but received a good reception, separate group for the second time. Farner would Christianity and founded a band of Christian music, for his part and his former partner Brewer Frost would join Bob Seger and his Silver Bullet Band.
Grand Funk Railroad, would unite few occasions, even bringing to 260,000 workers in 14 shows, never again as active training.

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