Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Great Legends: Grateful Dead (1965-1995)

The Grateful Dead were a band from San Francisco. Born in 1965. First called the Warlocks. They played traditional American music. They say after feeling the Beatles tsunami and its effects (see a live Lovin `Spoonful) decided electrficarse. Blessed. Here was born a 30-year history, a long journey and strange experiences they all shrank and with it a vast discography that continues and will continue forever and ever.
Great music lovers. Convinced quintessential hippies. They were a quintessential jukebox, where everything was possible asimlar to enrich their musical experience. Blues, country, folk, jazz, rock & roll, reggae ...
To me there are two G. Dead. The study of the records and giving concerts. Officially released about 29 albums, of which 10 were live (2 single, two triples and doubles the rest live if habalmos clear vinyl). In addition to all of them have very good editions with bonus tracks par excellence. If we stick to this only see that in their studio albums about anything and everything. They started with the spicodelia (those first amazing lps) and then did everything.
It is true that if you want to start somewhere and perhaps the Workimans Dead American Beauty, 1970 may be a more semcillo begin. Then dive into the pool with something alive and here, that the spirits be with you in such a trip. It can be an amazing experience.
The Grateful Dead were mostly a live band. Among them was a normal rapport outside, which made many times did this magic on stage and kidnap the listener.
Facts that can help us understand their concerts:
Concerts were long. They are legendary for their shows closer to 3 than two hours
They are the group that has given free concerts in history
 They had lots of original songs and repassed the traditional American hymnal, from Johnny Cash and dark folk tunes, the soul, the great Hak Williams or Chuck Berry.
Allowed their fans (deadheads) recorded the concerts, so that after the exchange. They also followed them from concert to concert.
98% of their concerts were professionally recorded.
Perfectionists were sound and were never completely satisfied with their stereos.
Never played two concerts with the same list of songs to play. From one day to another varied what they did.
Never played the same way the same song.
Sometimes a song laced with others, made some jam anthologies, fading into instrumental passages that lead you to explore other states of consciousness.
Consequently, and since their separation have been published at least about 78 live cd (most of them double, triple and some boxes) and several dvd. Most of these editions contain the whole concerts.
Removing played 4 years played all his life with two batteries.
There's nothing like a Grateful Dead concert.
The base of the band consisted of Jerry Garcia (lead guitar, vocals), Bob Weir (rhythm guitar, vocals), Phil Lesh (bass, vocals), Billy Kreutzman and Mickey Hart (drums). The life and ends it took to lose several of their keyboardist, Pig-Pen (Ron), Keith and Brent Mydland Godauchx.
In recent years the band was caught by the road. It was a little monster that eventually swallowed. Many people depended on the machinery around the tours are formed. Declibe years between 1990 and turn 95. Gone were many experiences and travel.
Jerry Garcia died in 1995. Without him there is no band. Years of wildlife.Many substances in the body, too much.
But life goes on and the rest are still making music: Phl & Friends, Ratdog etc ... and from time to time a tour with the remaining members under the abbreviated name of The Dead. It is not the same without Jerry, but there are very worthy and wise ways to reinvent a vast catalog of songs and they know how to do it gracefully.

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