Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free-Fire and Water (1973)

Regarded as the eternal second sons of Led Zeppelin, Free pass to history for several reasons, one owning one of the most carimate vocalists rock has given Paul Rodgers, one by also having one of the geniuses of the guitar but disappeared prematurely Paul Kossof and the other by topic all right now, a standard issue rock of all time, part of their third album this Fire and water, although the subject in and of itself deserves the album containing it is in this list, the rest of composing songs that desmerecian not at all, the weary blues-rock with bits of hard rock to achieve, they formed as a band leader in the circuits of the time and issues such as Mr Big, Heavy load or O I wept are impressive, the famed drummer Simon Kirke and Andy Frasier completed training.

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