Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wilson Pickett-In The Midnight Hour (1965)

When Wilson Pickett signed by Atlantic Records in 1964, thanks in part to the record company scout Jerry Wexler, the singer had already had great success writing the song "If You Need Me" which had given way to soul singer Solomon Burke.
However in early Pickett reap several failures, leading to assignment to an own record label subsidiary of Atlantic, Stax Records, who began calling his career in the music business world.
One of the session musicians Seal, guitarist Steve Cropper, when I hear the song "I'm Gonna Cry (one of his failures with Atlantic), and especially the paragraph" Late In The Midnight Hour "would be fascinated to the point suggested that he write a song with that title.
And so both composed "In The Midnight Hour" in just several hours after Jerry Wexler himself will listen and want to print a more danceable rhythm.
The result would be the advance of Stax sound that later would reap such success with a sound R & B unmistakable.
"In The Midnight Hour" would enter the charts on August 15, 1965 and soon became a classic of the soul.
Sometime after Pickett vindicate himself that he was the only composer of the song, and thus merited disputes Cropper and Wexler and his subsequent confrontation.
This first great success of Stax Records convince Wexler to divert to other artists who failed to Atlantic Records and Stax to further his career well, as would happen for example with Sam & Dave.

In The Midnight Hour Video

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