Saturday, July 16, 2011

The resurgence of Stand By Me 1961-1987 (Ben E.King)

Perhaps out of nostalgia or perhaps a reflection of rancidity in the commercial pop scene of the time or perhaps a symbol of the growing power of the media, was like it was in the mid-80's more and more reborn oldies music to be incorporated to soundtracks or commercials on television or commercial radio.
One such issue would be Stand By Me, its colorful history would begin when an unknown street singer called Ben E. King would give the composer Jerry Leiber a fragment of a song with a touch of the Church.
Ben E. King was not a music writer itself so it was only four or five chords and accept with great pleasure that I propose to finish Leiber himself together.
Leiber Stoller Mike would contact who would contribute memorable setting the backbeat that eventually would lead the song. The result of these collaborations eria a very great love song that had the air of supplication gospel. That same year (1961) the subject would come up to number four on the U.S. charts.
In an era in which the expiration of the artists, with the exception of Elvis Presley, was a few years, the clue that the same song or album to be successful come back a few decades later, it was crazy. But twenty-five years later in 1986, Stand by me, would return to the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, due to the use of the song for an advertisement for denim brand Levi's, that would cause this to just one a year later the number of charts of half the world.

"Stand By Me" Video

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